The U-2 provides continuous day or night, high-altitude, all-weather, stand-off surveillance of an area in direct support of U.S. and allied ground and air forces. It provides critical intelligence to decision makers through all phases of conflict, including peacetime indications and warnings, crises, low-intensity conflict and large-scale hostilities.The U-2 is a single-seat, single-engine, high-altitude, reconnaissance aircraft. Long, wide, straight wings give the U-2 glider-like characteristics. It can carry a variety of sensors and cameras, is an extremely reliable reconnaissance aircraft, and enjoys a high mission completion rate. Because of its high altitude mission, the pilot must wear a full pressure suit. The U-2 is capable of collecting multi-sensor photo, electro-optic, infrared and radar imagery, as well as performing other types of reconnaissance functions. However, the aircraft can be a difficult aircraft to fly due to its unusual landing characteristics. (Air Force photo)

“Flying the U-2” Kicks Off the CAF Airbase Georgia Living History Series

Former U.S. Air Force pilot Bob Heath will explain the history of the U-2 Blackbird ultra-high altitude program and his experience in flying “the Dragon Lady.” Heath is the Maintenance Officer of the Commemorative Air Force Airbase Georgia, currently serving as the Wing’s Maintenance Officer. This is the first of […]

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