CAF Airbase Georgia Exceeds Fundraising Goals for Stearman and P-47

PEACHTREE CITY, GA. (Feb. 6, 2024) – Commemorative Air Force (CAF) Airbase Georgia has exceeded its goals for an annual fundraising program that designated two World War II-era aircraft for 2023 – a Stearman biplane trainer and a Republic P-47 Thunderbolt fighter.

The annual CAF 12 Planes of Christmas campaign raised $15,185 for the Stearman and $109,127 for the P-47, for a total of $124,312. Each aircraft benefited from matching grants that helped stimulate the giving during the campaign. The original goals were $10,000 for the Stearman and $50,000 for the P-47N. The 12 Planes of Christmas campaign has raised $263,931 for Airbase Georgia projects over the past two years, with funds earmarked solely for the restoration of each aircraft.

The Stearman is dedicated to “Rosie the Riveter,” the women who worked in factories and shipyards during World War II.  The P-47, one of 13 flying in the world, is one of the CAF’s original aircraft acquired by CAF founder Lloyd P. Nolen in 1963. 

“It is encouraging to see this financial support for our important restoration projects,” said Airbase Leader Joel Perkins. “It will take much more to see these projects to completion, but we are well on our way to returning these World War II icons to flight, for the education and enjoyment of spectators wherever we go.”