Living History

Sometimes the best way to learn about past events is by going back in time. No, not through a time tunnel or time warp, but by way of Living History. When a museum or historical center creates exhibits or teaches about past events by not only showing photos or artifacts, but by bringing the events to LIFE, this greatly increases the interest and understanding of the subject matter.

Another aspect of Living History, and one that our volunteers LOVE, is re-enactment by dressing in era clothing. Our most visible and popular WWII characters are our “Rosie the Riveters.” Several of our lady volunteers put on their boiler suits or coveralls and tell stories about the Home Front during WWII. But we also have a number of other volunteers who dress in WWII military uniforms to give our visitors an insight into the combat aspect of WWII.

At Airbase Georgia, we have various means of displaying Living History. Our most obvious example of Living History is our WWII Warbirds. Not only do we restore and maintain the aircraft, but the aircraft are STILL FLYING and can help our pilots or tour guides (Docents) tell a story about a famous battle, pilot, or someone on the Home Front. Airbase Georgia also has on display some fascinating artifacts from WWII that our visitors can see, and even some you can experience yourself! While our inventory is limited in quantity, the history that each item demonstrates is vast.

We are still developing programs to keep History AND Living History going, including sending our reenactors to classrooms or community events. If you would like to work with us to “export” our Living History, please contact Keep ‘em flying, and keep history alive!