WWII Heritage Day Honors Rosie the Riveters October 9

World War II history will come alive Saturday, Oct. 9 at Falcon Field in Peachtree City. History buffs, families and young children alike can enjoy the trip back in time, complete with vintage WWII aircraft. Commemorative Air Force (CAF) Airbase Georgia is dedicating World War II Heritage Day 2021 in honor of all Rosie the Riveters, women who worked in American factories during WWII. This will be the Airbase’s 17th annual open house and fundraising event at Atlanta Regional Airport – Falcon Field in Peachtree City, Ga.

Activities for the day include warbird rides, military vehicles on display, food trucks, a PX and living history displays and presentations. The event will run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the CAF Airbase Georgia headquarters, 1200 Echo Ct., Peachtree City, Ga. As a special feature, CAF Airbase Georgia (formerly Dixie Wing) is inviting owners of Stearman vintage aircraft to participate in a fly-in for the day. The Airbase is currently restoring a Stearman biplane in honor of the Rosie the Riveters. Admission is $10 for adults, $5 for ages 11-17.  Children 10 and under are free. Parking is free.

“Thanks to the encouragement of our partners and local community, we have been inspired to bring back WWII Heritage Days so we can salute the Greatest Generation of the 1940s,” said CAF Airbase Georgia Leader Jim Buckley, “especially since we were designated a Top 20 Event by the Southeast Tourism Society last May.”

WWII Heritage Days is the oldest and largest WWII and 1940s-themed event in Georgia. This year the CAF Airbase Georgia museum joined the WWII Heritage Trail in Georgia – one of nine stops throughout the state. The Airbase programs (formerly Dixie Wing) have been focusing on education, with a mission to inspire the next generation of pilots, aviation mechanics and citizens.

“In late 2019, we began working with local schools and aerospace employers to help solve the pilot and aviation mechanic shortage and also help teach World War II history at all grade levels,” Buckley said. “We also partnered with the tourism sector and a foundation is planned, to assist in our growth efforts.” 

“CAF Airbase Georgia operates World War II aircraft to honor the Greatest Generation, the heroes at home and in battle whose unprecedented efforts won WWII,” Buckley said.  “We have seven operational aircraft and a new Stearman restoration project underway. We have created a strong reputation in our local community and throughout the aviation industry because of our commitment to our mission, ‘Keep ‘em Flying’. Our goal is to be embraced as Georgia’s World War II Flying Museum.”

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