Real Rosie, Jane Tucker

Rosies Are Dedicated. Jane Tucker was just 16 years old in 1943 when she, her mother, Iris, and sister, Betty, headed to Savannah, Georgia from Lineville, Alabama. Jane’s father had previously left the family, so Jane and her mother were both working jobs in Lineville to help support the family. They traveled to Savannah upon news that they could get jobs at the Southeastern Shipbuilding Corporation. Jane, Iris, and Betty all worked at the factory building Liberty Ships. Jane’s job was as a rod welder, fusing sheets of metal in the hull of the ship. She made $1.20 per hour at the shipyard, as compared to the $1.00 per day she made at the five and dime back home in Alabama. After the war, Jane returned to Lineville and did complete her high school education, later going on to become a dental hygienist. Jane’s dedication to her family, led her to her job at the Southeastern shipyard during the war, and her same dedication is seen across the spectrum of Rosies during the war. Dedication to Service. Dedication to Country. Dedication to Family. It is our greatest desire to embody that dedication in our own Stearman. Please consider a donation at

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