Real Rosie, Eleanor Stark

Rosies Are Resilient. Eleanor Stark, 95, still speaks her mind, still keeps her husband’s memory alive, still actively supports military organizations. In 1942, at the age of 17, she married Luther “Buck” Bagley. In short order she was a military wife and mother of a young son, whose husband was deployed overseas to Burma. While being a young military wife was a challenge, Eleanor met those challenges head on. She took on a job ordering materials for the Southeastern Shipping Corporation in Savannah, GA where they built Liberty Ships throughout the war. It was while she was at work at the shipyard that she learned that her husband was killed in action while serving with the 530th Composite Unit, later known as Merrill’s Marauders. Eleanor’s resiliency during the war, and in the years since are not only a trademark of Eleanor herself, but of all Rosies. Just one reason we seek to honor their efforts with our Stearman Restoration Project. Learn more about our mission of restoring the Stearman and dedicating it to all WWII Rosie the Riveters, click HERE.

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