The Real Rosie, Earline Gaither

Rosies Are Adaptable. From farm life beginnings in Fulton, Mississippi to factory work in Ypsilanti, Michigan, to a career with Sears Roebuck and Company in Marietta, Georgia, Earline Gaither was faced with many changes throughout her life. As a teenage wife, whose husband was rejected from service due to a heart murmur, Earline and her husband served side-by-side at the Willow Run Factory, building B-24s. While her husband’s responsibilities were in the beginning stages of construction, Earline working in the finishing line oiling the guns, installing the flying instruction pocket, and ensuring curtains properly fit the windows. Earline and her husband worked at the famed factory until the end of the war, eventually settling in Georgia. To this day, they continue to go through life side-by-side, adapting together, at the ages of 94 and 100. Rosies adapted their lives to serve their country in a crucial time in history, and we want to exemplify their service through our Stearman Restoration Project. Learn more about our mission of restoring the Stearman and dedicating it to all WWII Rosie the Riveters, click HERE.

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