Stearman Restoration – December Update

While the actual restoration of the airplane has not commenced yet, the necessary infrastructure that will support the process is being put into place.

Due to the limited space available inside our restoration shop, it was decided to purchase a 40ft container and convert it into a storage facility. On December 16th, members of the Wing have constructed shelving units and moved some of the parts of the airplane inside the container.

With a proper way to catalogue all the parts in our possession the inventory process will commence soon. Avialogs, an online aviation library has donated digital copies of the Airplane Parts Catalog and the Erection and Maintenance Instructions for the NAVY N2S Kaydet. On You will find on this site thousand of aircraft manuals, brochures, and books from the early days of aviation to modern jets.

The 12 Planes of Christmas fundraising campaign is well underway. Airbase Georgia is hoping to raise $30,000. These funds will be utilized for centralizing the project to one location, upgrading the fuselage, as well as restoration of the motor mounts and landing gears.

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