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Angel Squad


The ladies of the Angel Squad proudly support the events and activities of Airbase Georgia of the Commemorative Air Force. We range in age from young mothers with small children all the way to Grandmothers in their 80s. We value our nation’s history, and are proud to help preserve our history for generations to come.


We meet the first Saturday of each month at 11:00 a.m. in Airbase Georgia Briefing Room.


Some activities we participate include…

Plan and participate in our Annual WWII Heritage Days Event and the Keep ‘Em Flying Swing Dance

Staff Airbase Georgia PX

Provide hospitality for various events at Airbase Georgia

Organize Airbase Georgia Christmas Party

Host fundraisers for various Airbase Georgia projects

Serve as a liaison to the WWII Veterans

And most importantly, we have loads of fun!


We kindly request dues of $24 per year, paid in January of each year. If you are joining during the year, dues are pro-rated at $2 per month through December.


If you are interested in joining the Angel Squad, or would like more information, please contact  either of our Co-Chairs, Robin O’Reilly at oreir@yahoo.com or Heather Johnson at Heather.Johnson@dixiewing.org

Come join the Angel Squad!